About Us

SIPME Classes I completed my High school in 1987 then Intermediate in 1989. During my intermediate, I Started teaching at the age of 17 years only. In 1989, I started a coaching named “Shivam Institute for Physics, Maths & Engineering” which is now known as “SIPME”. Till I completed my M.Sc. I had got the experience of 6 years. So in 1994 just in age of approx. 22 years only. I joined Meerut Public School as a P.G.T. Teacher. You must know that SIPME is always working hard to improve the mental level of students. We are fully dedicated for teaching that’s why we are No. 1 in Meerut. SIPME has completed 25 successful years. During this period I worked as regular Physics Teacher in Meerut Public School. But after some time I realized that a teacher in school can’t be fully dedicated with coaching and a teacher who takes coaching may be careless in school. So I had to choose one option for 100% performance. Finally I dedicated to run my institute. I was very sorry to say goodbye to my lovely Meerut Public school.